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2017-08-05 08:00:00 2017-08-05 12:00:00 Australia/Brisbane BBQ Rib Academy - World Champion Low and Slow Cooking BBQ Rib Academy - World Champion Low and Slow Cooking Burleigh BBQ Championships - North Burleigh Esplanade - Judges T Burleigh BBQ [email protected]

Andy Groneman has earned multiple PERFECT (“180 “) scores in the rib category - He will cover all the “holy grail” debates - Spare Ribs or Baby Backs? Sauced or Dry? After learning all the skills needed to master your favorite style, you’ll get to sample them all! We’ll cover everything from trimming Spare ribs “St. Louis Style”, to using the “texas crutch” on beef short ribs for tenderness.

 Lock in the skills you need to have amazing BBQ ribs. We’ll cover all the bases:

• Understanding differences in the various cuts

• Selecting and trimming the meats

• Thorough demonstration on prep for all the meat

• Marinades/brines/injection – when and how

  • Wrapping meat for additional flavor
  • Doneness and finishing techniques

Additional Discussion:

  • Smoking wood selection and fuel choices
  • Cook times and styles
  • Cooking with various cooker types
  • Rubs and sauces - proper balance, and flavor profiles

When the class is complete, each student will have learned the processes for amazing ribs, and gotten to sample everything cooked!

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  • Table - Individual Seat $225.00
    Saturday 5th August 2017 Lunch.
    Entry from 8:00am Admit 1 Available

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